Kristoff Costume / Outfit Tutorial


photo 2Clearly this was the year of the Elsa and Anna’s on Pumpkin Day. My family indulged in the fun with the rest of the world. Even Paul dressed up.

I love to make my costumes, or at the very least add to ones that I pay for. This year I had three costumes to prepare, which is far from the one that I am used to. Having a six month old in the house made for an interesting time making costumes, so this year I bought two costumes and made one. It was easy to find an adult Anna costume, and an infant Olaf costume, but rather difficult to find an adult Kristoff costume… apparently not many adult men want to dress up as Disney characters. Imagine that.

After tweaking the Anna costume and altering the 12month Olaf costume to fit my pint sized six month old, I set my mind to creating a Kristoff costume (let’s call it an “outfit” for manly, man’s sake.) 🙂

Below are the guidelines I followed to make the outfit. I encourage you to make it “your own” and add your own spin on this tutorial. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via the contact page. 

Blessings & Good luck!

***Materials listed below are for a size “SMALL” man.***

Materials:photo 1

  • sewing machine
  • large pompom – brown
  • 1/2 inch wide ribbon – maroon
  • 1/8 yard fabric – maroon
  • 1/4 yard fur fabric – brown
  • 1 yard  faux leather fabric – brown                                                                                                           (I laid out a T-shirt to figure out how much fabric to buy)
  • large bottle of liquid stitch
  • pens
  • brown thread
  • scissors
  • marker
  • old T-shirt (same size as you want the costume to be)
  • ruler or yard stick
  • hat – blue
  • long sleeve under shirt – blue


  1.  Lay out faux leather fabric inside out. Place the T-shirt on top and fold in sleeves as shown. Trace around the T-shirt using the marker. (Trace about 1 inch around T-shirt so that you have room to sew pieces together. Keep the faux leather fabric folded, so you only have to trace around it one time. This will also ensure that both front and back pieces are the same size.)IMG_2659
  2. Cut out pattern. (Leave a rectangular shape at the neck about 6 inches high. This will become the collar. I cut both pieces out at the same time.)IMG_2693
  3. Pen front and back together. (Pen red highlighted areas together only.)IMG_2692 IMG_2663
  4. Sew around the outside of pattern. Leaving OPENINGS for the HEAD, ARMS, and BODY. (Sew red highlighted areas together only.)IMG_2692
  5. Turn right side out.
  6. FRONT SIDE ONLY: Cut a straight line down on the FRONT of the outfit. This will become the collar. Cut a upside down shaped “V” on the bottom right side of the FRONT of the outfit. (Cut red highlighted areas only.)IMG_2694
  7. Turn wrong side out.
  8. Fold down the collar towards the inside and glue together with Liquid Stitch. (Fold all the way around collar.)IMG_2691
  9. After that dries make a fold to form a “V” neck line. Glue with Liquid Stitch.Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 7.39.35 AM IMG_2261
  10. Cut fur fabric into 1 inch strips. Cut enough to go around the front and back of the arm holes, collar & “V” neck line, and bottom of outfit. IMG_2684
  11. Use Liquid Stitch to glue fur fabric strips around the front and back of the arms, collar & “V” neck line, and bottom of outfit.IMG_2356 IMG_2357
  12. Turn right side out.
  13. Glue maroon ribbon around the collar and “V” neck.  IMG_2678 IMG_2680
  14. Attach pompom to hat. You can hand sew or glue it on.IMG_2687
  15. Take the 1/8 yard maroon fabric and cut in half. Then sew the two ends together to make a long piece. This is the belt. IMG_2685 IMG_2686


The Sweet Berry Farm

A yearly visit to a pumpkin patch is defiantly a tradition I look forward to each year. I love picking my pumpkin off the vine. Getting muddy and playing in the corn have been a few of my favorite activities for years. I’ve gone with my mom and sister for as long as I can remember, I’ve taken kindergarteners, and in recent years have seen my niece enjoy the fall fun. Now I am experiencing the tradition with a family of my own. What a joy!

We took a family day trip to Marble Falls to visit The Sweet Berry Farm. It was such a delight. We were blessed on our way with this:photo-94

Just as God made a promise to the earth, it felt like the double rainbow was a promise to us that our day would be filled with great memories made. And it was.

The Sweet Berry Farm was such a great place to visit. There were so many activities to do. Seriously, here’s the list:

Stuff Your Own Scarecrow, Scarecrow Island Hayrides, Candy Corn Hay Maze for children, The ‘Texas’ Hayfield Maze for ages 6 and up, Sweet Berry Express Barrel Train, Pick Your Own Flowers, Ice Cream, Jumping Pillows for bouncing fun, Make your own Sandart design, Listen to the Piano Man, Picnic tables for you to enjoy, Open spaces for the kids to run, Pet the Horses and Goats. And on Saturday and Sundays even more events such as: Horse Rides, Face Painting, Pumpkin Grille.

Clearly, we didn’t do all of the activities but we did take a hay rack ride, feed the goats, pick flowers and play in the pumpkins. (Oh and we listened to the Piano Man… who was so good, I actually thought a CD was playing over the loud speaker until I almost knocked him over with the stroller.)

Most were new experiences for Ila. I’d say the goats were her favorite…

 IMG_2181    IMG_2189

The hay rack ride was probably my favorite… the scare crows were a hoot…

IMG_2154 IMG_2146     IMG_2145

Paul had fun laughing at me as I tried to avoid being stung by a bee…

IMG_2217     IMG_2208

Our pumpkin was more interested in the grass than the pumpkins…

IMG_2048     IMG_2047

Oh and there were LOTS of great photo opportunities…

IMG_2196     IMG_2104  IMG_2019     IMG_2035

All in all, I would give The Sweet Berry Farm an 8. There wasn’t a fee to get in, but each activity had it’s own fee. This is definitely a family friendly place to visit. I could see how you could literally spend the entire day here. Even on a budget.

This is defiantly a place that I would like to visit again. The only downside was that this was not a place to go if you want to pick your pumpkin from the vine. I tell you what… a true pumpkin patch is hard to find in the desert. Hopefully next year, I can pick my pumpkin from a vine! 🙂

XOXO & God Bless,


HOW ABOUT YOU? I’d love to know your thoughts. What is the best Pumpkin Patch you have visited? What made it so great? Share your ideas with me in the comments below! And answer our poll below!

Kick Baby Clothing Clutter


I don’t know about you, but we sure did have a ton of baby girl clothing when we began this adventure called parenting. It wasn’t too far into Ila’s life that I realized my home was being over run by pink dresses.

Before Ila was born we intentionally parted with many items in our home so that we could enjoy life and have more time for each other. And it had worked very well… until the clutter of clothing came upon us.

Between the hand me downs, baby showers and my own self indulgent shopping there wasn’t much room to move about the apartment. We had clothing in every size for every occasion.

It was at about the 2 month mark that I realized something needed to change. And fast.

Ila was grew so quickly out of her newborn and 0-3 month clothing. There were many outfits that she either didn’t wear or only wore once. Which really seemed to be a waste, since many of them were so cute. It was here, that I decided to become very intentional about what clothing I brought into the home for Ila.

I wanted to de-clutter Ila’s clothing because to me,  Less Really is More.  I wanted to have less clutter, and more room to store other things I needed or wanted. And I really wanted to do less laundry, so that I could spend more time with my little one. Who wants to waste time doing laundry instead of building a lifelong relationship with their child who will grow up too fast? NOT ME!

I decided that I wanted the clothing to meet these standards:

  • Limited Amount- I aimed for these numbers when sorting out what to keep and what to get rid of:
    • 5 night outfits (I use each one two nights in a row if the didn’t have spit up on them before putting them into the laundry basket.)
    • 8 dress outfits (For special occasions and photos.)
    • 8 short sleeve outfits
    • 8 long sleeve outfits (For summer I only kept about 4 in the current size.)
    • A jacket/ or coat (For winter.)
    • A few pairs of shoes
    • socks (I only kept a few for summer because Ila likes to eat them)
  • Seasonal- Clothing items needed to be the current season. With hand me downs and baby shower items so much of the clothing wasn’t the right size for the correct season. I had a ton of 0-3 outfits for winter… when it was summer and 100 degrees outside. Not practical.
  • Enjoyable- I am the primary care giver for my little girl and I wanted to enjoy what I dressed her in, since I’m the one who gets to look at her all day, I want her clothing to be cute. (It’s nice to get the occasional “Oh what a cute outfit she has on!” too. 🙂 )
  • Inexpensive- Babies grow out of their clothing so very fast, I don’t want to spend a fortune on what she will be wearing for a short amount of time. (I have to admit that I will occasionally spend a little more on a outfit if she will be wearing it for a photo or special occasion, and she will wear many more times.) I shop at mostly second hand stores, or in the sale sections.
  • Good Quality- This was a big thing for me, as I try to apply it to many other areas in our life. I want the clothing that I get for Ila to last while she is wearing it. And I want it to look nice for more than one or two wears, especially since she will be wearing it many, many times.
  • No buttons or bows I know, I know. But they are soooo cute! As cute as they are, I really felt like they were more of a choking hazard than anything. Since Ila was very young she has loved to put things in her mouth and naw on them, and I knew that eventually she would be teething and would want to chew on those bows and buttons.

After going through Ila’s clothing with these requirements in mind I headed to the second-hand store to sell what I no longer needed (I was given over $100). Followed by a trip to a local charity to get rid of what didn’t sell.

Girl, did it feel good to come home to a house that wasn’t infested with pink clothing! Now, I try to refrain from buying clothing ahead of time for Ila. I try to buy it in season at the size she is currently wearing. I know that it might not seem like a way to save money, but it really is. Here is how:

  • Sizes are current– You don’t end up with the wrong seasonal size. As much as I tried, Ila was a different size than what I thought she would be when I tried to buy items ahead of time.
  • You know what you have– When I tried to buy ahead of time, I could never remember what I had a didn’t have for that size. I always ended up with too many night outfits or dresses and not enough play outfits. And would have to take stuff back or just be out the money on what I had too much of.
  • Saves time– You don’t have to take items back because it’s in the current season.
  • You can buy used– Many used stores like Once Upon a Child and Kid to Kid have requirements that clothing has to be the current style. The clothing is generally gently used and sometimes brand new with tag on for 1/2 the price!

I really feel like these guidelines work well for our family. Living with minimal “stuff” has really enabled us to have more time for each other and relationships. Which was our goal!

XOXO & God Bless,


HOW ABOUT YOU? I’d love to know your thoughts.  How do you decide on children’s clothing? Do you had a ton of it? Why or Why not? Share your ideas with me in the comments below! 

Matthew 6:30

“If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you—you of little faith?” (NIV)

I love this verse, I think of it often when I am afraid or worried.

HOW ABOUT YOU? I’d love to know your thoughts. What verse do you think of when you are afraid or worried? Share your ideas with me in the comments below! 

Best Baby Advice

When you are pregnant people are not shy to offer advice. I have to admit, sometimes I wanted to run and hide from it, mostly when people offered it without my asking. However most of the time I welcomed advice with open arms, especially when it was from those whom I loved and trusted. Here are the top 5 best advice I either did or wish I had listened to! (In no particular order.)

I often feel like I’m bragging when I say this because I know many women don’t experience birth like I did, and I often refrain from telling people about it because I don’t want to jinks myself in some odd way. But I need to give Glory to God because my experience giving birth was fabulous. I am truly thankful to Christ for holding my hand through it because without Him I couldn’t have endured pain or pushed my 8.1 pound baby out!

Now that I’ve praised The Lord, back to the best advice I received…

#1.”Make a plan, but don’t be hard on yourself if it doesn’t go as planned.”

This advice actually brings tears to my eyes. Because if you knew me you would know that I plan out everything. And if I had not been given this advice my birth experience would have been very different. Most likely I would have planned exactly what I wanted my birthing experience to be like and if it had varied from my plan I would have been very disappointed in myself. And guilt would have taken over the best day of my life.

My plan was no plan….

Now I’m not saying don’t plan at all, because I realize that everyone of us is different. So if you’re the type of person who has to have a goal in mind to accomplish something, then by golly, have your birth plan set out and do your darndest to make it happen!

But what I am saying is, if your plan doesn’t work out, be at peace with it. Realize that you did not fail at giving birth or at your plan, but instead you brought a beautiful baby into the world the way that he or she needed to be brought into this world. And sometimes we don’t get to decide how it’s going to happen, and that is okay. You are no less if a mother because you had an epidural or a c-section. In fact you are more of a mother because you did what was best for your baby. What a wonderful way to bring a new baby into the world.

Don’t let guilt rob you of the best experience God is giving you. Praise Him instead of shaming yourself.


#2. “Laundry doesn’t matter.” 

Seriously, it doesn’t.

Let someone else do your laundry… or just don’t do it for a few weeks. Laundry will always be the same, your little one won’t. He/She will grow so fast it’ll make your head spin.

I failed miserably at this one. But if there is a next time I will succeed at this like no other!

I was so caught up in trying to “do it all” the first few weeks of Ila’s life that I missed out on some of the most precious moments. I can’t go back and get them. But I certainly understand now, I have to live in the moment, every moment with my daughter. When she needs or wants my attention I now try to give it to her 100%, fully engaged. I don’t want to miss a moment… and there will ALWAYS be laundry to do.

(Add meals and cleaning to this too. Let friends/family come help you as much as possible, that way you can spend more time with your baby…or go take that shower!)


#3. “Be happy each time you see your baby.”

I NEVER would have put much thought into this had I not been told it was a must when parenting. But it really does make things so much more pleasant. Not just for your baby but for you too.

I found that if I actually said out loud “Oh, Ila, I’m so happy to see you!” each time she woke up from a nap or in the middle of the night for a feeding or diaper change, it would really make a world of difference on whether or not I enjoyed getting out of bed or stopping what I was doing to pick her up after a nap.

Let’s face it… waking up 10 times in those first few weeks, or when they are teething isn’t always fun. Or telling your mom who lives 500 miles away that you have to get off the phone because the baby is crying, when what you really want is to just hear her voice for a few minutes longer, isn’t always easy to do either.

But reminding yourself and reassuring your little one that you REALLY are happy they are yours can change the situation greatly.

It’s okay to not always be in the best mood, it’s not okay to take it out on your sweet little bundle.


#4. “Watch Happiest Baby on the Block.”

All I can say is “GOD SEND!”

We were absolutely desperate to make the crying stop about two weeks into Ila’s life. We would have tried to walk on water if someone told us it would calm her down.

Thankfully, I found a blog post on one of my friend’s Facebook pages that gave me a great suggestion to watch “The Happiest Baby on the Block.” I had heard of it before, but didn’t put much thought into it until I heard about it for a second time… I thought “Well there must be something to it, if I keep hearing about it.”

Paul went out the second I mentioned it and bought it. We watched it immediately and within 24 hours the crying was cut down by at least 50% and in three days it was down to probably 25%.

AMAZING… go get it!

Click HERE for the blog post.


#5. “Start praying now for your baby.” 

I’m so glad that prayer is apart of my life. And I’m grateful that I’ve had such wonderful role models on how and what to pray for.

I prayed for a healthy delivery and I know God was there when she was born. It was a wonderful experience and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. There is no doubt in my mind that God listened to my prayers.

Ila spent a few extra days in a children’s hospital because of an allergic reaction she had, and without prayer I wouldn’t have been able to make it through those scary days.

I started praying for Ila’s childhood and adulthood when I was pregnant. I know God will be apart of her life and I can’t wait to see what He has in store for her.

Prayer is so powerful and it brings so much peace of mind when it comes to parenting. There are so many things to worry about and without prayer and fellowship with Christ, I’m afraid it would be much harder for me. Prayer is the answer to my anxieties.


I’d love to get more advice on parenting. HOW ABOUT YOU? What is the best parenting/ birthing/ baby advice you have been given? Share your ideas with me in the comments below!


A BIG THANKS to my friends: 

Sarah for telling me not to be hard on myself, Jennifer for telling me to not worry about laundry (even though I didn’t listen), Annie for reminding me to be happy each time I see by little, Becky for suggesting the “Happiest Baby on the Block”, and my Mom and Second Mom (Judy) for teaching me to pray for my little.


Hey Mama’s! I love Fall. Unfortunately, where I live the weather isn’t as well-rounded as in my home state. Oh girl, do I miss the fall colors and the leaves falling from the trees. Not to mention the crisp Autumn mornings. Instead, I see cactus and my days are still 90 degrees!

I am,  oh so, thankful there are other ways to celebrate this wonderful time of year. Here are some of the activities we have been doing around our house to keep in the spirit of FALL!

Please post activities and traditions you do in the comments below! I’d love to hear your ideas!



love a good sensory bin. As a former kindergarten teacher, I love learning and I can’t help but introduce my little to all things fall. A sensory bin is a fairly inexpensive way to help your little learn. I chose to put a pie pumpkin, a few gourds, apples and high contrast fall pictures in Ila’s bin this fall. I think it cost about $5. She loves it! I do however keep a close eye on her and try not to let her put these items in her mouth as she has TWO teeth and I don’t want her to bite a piece off and choke.

You can find the high contrast pictures HERE, it’s also where I got the idea for this month’s sensory bin.


I found a similar idea on Pinterest. But the feet were ghosts, and if you know me well, you know that I’m not into the ghost and goblins part of Halloween. I do however love to be festive and dress up. So I thought I’d put my spin on this cute idea and dress Ila’s feet up as mustache men and lady princesses! We made about ten cards and sent them out to our immediate family. We received lots of praise texts and phone calls regarding her smelly feet… which was greatly appreciated as I made them in August and couldn’t wait to get them in the mail!


The teacher came out of me again. I couldn’t help but pick up a few good books for Ila that were Fall related. The thrifty mama in me choose a few board books that I would be able to use down the road in the next few years. I chose one board book for ages 3+ that included some stickers. For now, I took the stickers out so that we wouldn’t have any choking hazards. But I am glad to know that we will be using these books for a few years to come.


IMG_1967Keeping with Tradition my new little family took a trip to a Pumpkin Patch just like I did with my family back in the home state. I was shocked at how hard it was to find a pumpkin patch to go to here. In fact when I asked my Facebook friends what Pumpkin Patch “grew their own pumpkins” I should go to, I didn’t get any responses. Come to find out… none of my friends had ever heard of that! I’m not sure why I was so surprised being that I live in the desert… and in the city. Back in my home state that’s the only kind of pumpkin patch there is! So we found a gardening store that had it’s version of a “pumpkin patch” and took the morning to explore. While we had a great time and enjoyed fellowship as a family, we plan on taking a day trip to a “real” pumpkin patch about an hour and a half away next week. It’s just not fall to me if I can’t pick my own pumpkin off the vine!

I’d love to get more ideas of fun fall activities to do. HOW ABOUT YOU? What are some fall Activities and Traditions you have? Share your ideas with me in the comments below!